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My Windlight Settings :)

I’ve put my Windlight settings online.  These are the settings I use when I create my outfits now, so all the prims are set to match the clothing layers under these lighting conditions. Older Ingenue outfits may still require some prim tinting to match under Windlight.  These are based on Gogo’s tutorial… Thanks Gogo!

Betty’s Windlight Settings

Here’s where you put the xml files:


Version 1.21 and earlier:

In Applications folder, right-click “Second Life”, select “Show Package Contents”, then open Contents > Resources > app_settings > windlight >skies

Version 1.22 and later:

In Your Home Folder, Library > Application Support > Second Life > user_settings > windlight > skies

(I’m hoping this change in location will make it so that Mac users don’t have to reset their windlight settings everytime there is an update!)


C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\windlight

Those on Windows can also find a 3rd Party Windlight Settings installer by Namssor Daguerre here.


The folder that contains the “secondlife” boot script (example: ~/Desktop/SecondLife_i686_1_18_5_74061_WINDLIGHT/). Its exact location depends on where you extracted the viewer .bz2 archive after downloading it.

And finally, this is where I got the instructions for installation if you need more details.  I have a Mac so the Windows and Linux directions are just copied and pasted from there. (if they’re wrong, tis not my fault 😛 )




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