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Goodbye Ms. Page…

A truly lovely lady passed away yesterday.  Bettie Page has been one of the great influences over my own personal style, and I felt I couldn’t let her passing go by without doing a little something in her honor.  I think what really made her stand out from the rest was the joy and spirit she brought to her photos — she always looked to be enjoying herself thoroughly!

Stop by the shop to pick up this little gift I’ve set out as a tribute to a wonderful lady.

Jungle Bettie




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Ingenue Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt Preview…

Just a little sneak peek at what the Peace on Earth Hunt gift will be at Ingenue.  I was inspired by a mix of east and west… the east represented by the cheongsam style dress and the corset being the western influence. 🙂

East West…


(and yes…now I have the Morrissey song stuck in my head. 😀 )

Hunt starts on the 2nd!  More information to come.



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