Shoes Come to Ingenue!

I haven’t made a dress this week or a hat or even a new hairstyle.  I’ve made…. shoes!!  It’s the first ever shoes at Ingenue!  (I’m not counting that wonky pair that I threw in with a dress for free back in ’07 😛 )  Can you tell I’m excited?  I had a lot of fun making them, and I hope you like them.  I have a feeling they are the first of many. 🙂  Here they are…
They come in 36 colour combinations!  Available singly or in 3 packs, 12 packs and the whole kit and kaboodle 36 pairs.
And in the Midnight Mania is a special edition colour combination of the Paquerette. 🙂
Beginning Monday, My Rival will be the Weekly Sale Item at L$100.
and *looks bashful*  … I never blogged last week’s new release.  So here it is too.  Fraxinus dress and Mini Top Hat.  Offered in Ebon, Crimson, Tea Rose and Aqua.

Happy New Year!




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4 responses to “Shoes Come to Ingenue!

  1. Monica

    How can I purchaseyour clothing and shoes?? And, what are your prices for these cute dresses???

    • bettydoyle

      Hi Monica, I’m not sure if you realize that these are virtual? They’re available in Second Life at my shop, Ingenue on the Lo Lo sim.

  2. Monica

    OMG… I thought you made the clothes for sale lol
    Well I must say they are very cool virtual designs!

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