News at Ingenue

:: New Releases ::

First up, Rosie, 1940’s style overalls in 6 colours and a fatpack.

Next is Judy, a sweet blouse with peter pan collar, puffed sleeves and polka dot trimming.  Available in 10 colours and a fatpack.

:: Midnight Mania ::

The new Midnight Mania item is Judy in Chocolate.

:: Weekly Sale Item ::

…is Let it Snow. 🙂

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3 responses to “News at Ingenue

  1. Jean Restless

    Your clothes are so adorable, where does your models get their shoes? I would love to have the pair your model is wearing for your latest release!

    • Betty

      Thanks! This pair is from G Field. I love her shoes. I got these in a 30 colour pack!! Other makers I wear alot of are Tesla, Armidi and Shiny Things. You’ve reminded me now that I forgot to put the credits notecard in with this dress…ooops!

  2. Dio

    oh hell Hon, those coveralls are just too damn cute for words. But now that you did them, somebody has to build a WWII shipyard or aircraft factory. I need to start looking for a welder’s mask and gloves to go with that.

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