Much Newness at Ingenue

Hi Everyone!

I have lots of news today!

* I’ve overhauled Ingenue’s hair textures for a more natural look.  A little over half the styles have been updated with the new textures.

* What happened to the other half brings me to my next news item!  Ingenue now has an outlet!  Find clothes and hair at discounted prices!  Get them while they’re hot ’cause ya never know when they’ll disappear from the outlet for good.
Teleport to the Ingenue Outlet!

*  Did you know that Ingenue has fitting rooms?  Visit them today!

Teleport to the Fitting Rooms!

*  Lastly, a new clothing release!  Finally!! 😀  Kelly is a separates cocktail outfit featuring capri pants and a sequined bustier!
Kelly ~ Darkest Seafoam

Kelly ~ All

Thats all for now!


Teleport to Ingenue!


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One response to “Much Newness at Ingenue

  1. Jean Restless

    Hello, Miss Betty! I discovered your wonderful little shop and being that I love vintage, I fell in love instantly! I do have a request, if I may? I have yet to find a WAC uniform. Could you please create one? Thank you so much!

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